Technical skills

  • React, Redux, GraphQL
  • Node.JS, TypeScript, PHP
  • Serverless functions: AWS Lambda, Next.js, Vercel, Netlify
  • Server-side frameworks: Express.js, NestJS, Passport.js, Koa.js
  • HTML, JS, browser DOM
  • CSS (+ frameworks such as Tailwind CSS, Material UI)
  • Unit and end-to-end testing: Jest, Mocha, Ava
  • SQL databases: MySQL, Postgres, SQLite
  • NoSQL databases: CouchDB, DynamoDB, FaunaDB
  • Code transforms: Babel, Babel Macros, PostCSS, PostHTML
  • Amazon Web Services
  • CloudFormation, Terraform
  • Git version control
  • Data visualization: D3.js, Leaflet.js, Three.js

General skills

  • Technical presentations
  • Documentation
  • Requirements gathering
  • Open source projects
  • Working remotely
  • Mentoring
  • Code review
  • English (fluent); French (conversational)


  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute. BA, Mechanical Engineering. Worcester, MA; 2013; high distinction.
  • Agawam High School. Agawam, MA; 2009.

In brief

I'm a senior full-stack developer who is looking for the next stage in his career. I'd like to gain depth in a particular business domain (such as fintech) while continuing to leverage my years of experience in browser and Node.JS development.


Proper Labs Senior Full-Stack Engineer, 2020present

  • Re-platformed the company's CBD division onto a new order management system. Migrated the checkout page and implemented a new account portal. Instrumented the system to collect critical event data to improve the experience.
  • Used Next.js, NestJS, and PostgreSQL to implement a "sleep journal" web app to help customers discover which products worked best for them.
  • Launched a secondary website for the company's CBD division. Integrated the website with our existing CMS to require the smallest amount of code change.

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research Software engineer, 20142020

  • Worked with design team to create a design system. Solicited feedback from early adopters.
  • Built a large scientific web app using React and Redux; worked closely with the backend team to suggest API designs which would enable rapid development of front-end features
  • Worked with a team to design, build, and promote a React-based toolkit for generating applications and publishable components
  • Maintained the company's “Open Source Initiative”, allowing engineers a path to publishing certain internal projects on GitHub

Kennship Owner/engineer, 20162020

  • Designed, implemented, and ran a web app for a psychology study using React, GraphQL, Amazon Web Services, and Terraform
  • Worked with clients to determine requirements and delivery timeline
  • Wrote flexible code to anticipate changes in requirements
  • Adapted a pre-existing codebase written in PHP and MySQL for use in a new study

Other experience

  • Consulting engineer at Local Vyntage, 2017 - present. Updated Shopify site for a T-shirt company to improve user experience.
  • Software engineer at Rakuten Loyalty, 2013. Wrote MongoDB batch processing scripts for business analytics.
  • Lead R&D at Studifi, 2013. Worked on front-end features for an online education platform. Designed and built a tool to allow teachers to annotate PDFs in the browser.
  • “MQP” capstone project, WPI, 2013. Worked with a partner to design, build and write code for a working 3D scanner. Used C++, Qt, and OpenCV to design a friendly end-user application for performing scans. Evaluated and selected commodity hardware to build an inexpensive device.
  • Freelance programmer, 2011-2012. Built small mobile web apps.