Early return pattern · Dec 21, 2022

One way to potentially reduce the effort needed to understand a section of code.

Hourglass logic: time's up! · Oct 17, 2022

This software pattern often results from organic growth, and can hide complexity if you're not careful.

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A slight adjustment to the way you write your tests can help you become more confident in your application's stability.

Negative splits generator · Dec 23, 2021

Using a bit of coding and math to make my exercise routine easier.

Paginator utility · Nov 21, 2021

Utility for paging through data in a batch job

Handling hard-coded values · Oct 28, 2021

If you're careful, hard-coded values can help you experiment with new features while keeping your codebase sustainable.

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Using query strings to simplify environment management.

Using env vars in Storybook · Apr 12, 2021

Make sure the environment used in your stories matches your deployment.

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Helpful shell tools and configuration.

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The "volunteer's mindset" and how it can help your team.

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Writing an application in building blocks offers some advantages.

Static type checking in JS · May 3, 2019

Getting TypeScript to play nicely with an existing setup.

Local DynamoDB · Jun 16, 2018

Waiting for that important call · Mar 14, 2018

Pause a test until a function has been called.

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Triggering actions within a React app, in a way that's not gross.

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React architecture · Jun 29, 2017

General guidelines for not angering coworkers (or your future self).

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Setting up `npm` on a new machine.

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Last hurrah for JSConf US.

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